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Waxing Services:
Our desire is to provide professional, all-inclusive body waxing services at affordable prices. All services are provided in a sterile environment, and provided by licensed professional Estheticians.

What is a Brazilian Bikini Wax?
A Brazilian Bikini Wax encompasses waxing, thereby removing, any hair around the bikini and nether region areas that might possibly be on display if you were to wear say...a rubber band as a bikini bottom. Although preferences differ from individual to individual, some people say "take it all off", while others opt to leave a tailored "landing strip" type pattern. A basic bikini is generally a bit more conservative than the Brazilian and concentrates on extra hair around the bikini line and the crotch area between the legs.

At Clayton Med Spa we prefer to use the "non-strip" wax on the bikini area. It simply "shrink wraps" the hairs in question, and when the wax is removed, it doesn't pull, strip, rip, bruise, or stick to the skin.The result--smooth, hair free skin. No more in-grown hairs, razor burn or itching. If you've had a "not so pleasant prior experience" try us for an experience
"nothing short of wonderful".

Waxing Menu

Lower Leg $35 Upper Lip $14
Full Leg $ 70 Chin $14
Eyebrows $20 Neck $15
Sides of Face $15 Underarm $22
Stomach $20 Back $48
Upper or Lower Arm $30 Chest $48
Full Arm $60 Toes $14
Bikini $30  
Brazlian Bikini $60+  

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