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The Markham Pan Am Centre officially opened to the fellowship this November, the Pan Am / Parapan American games do not start until July 2015. Thousands of people gathered across the 'newlydesigned' venue to make in an elaborate ceremony, as well as performances by gymnasts, a speech by Canadian waterpolo athlete Christine Robinson, makham Mayor Frank Scarpitti, the Games' CEO Saad regional MPP, minister as well as Rafi of Citizenship, worldwide and Immigration Trade, minister, michael Chan and of State Bal Gosal amongst anyone else.

Even though, the B+Hdesigned Centre won 3 Markham Design Excellence Awards, as its 1-st facility kind in the GTA. That said, while attracting one and the other inter-national talent and repute, it will reposition Markham as a premiere destination for athletics. Featuring a 50m Olympic swimming pool. Reason that markham's homegrown talent, all eyes will be on Markahm in the process of the 2015 Pan/Parapan American Games. Following the Games, the facility will act as a hub for athletic and commune activity. Its flexible design will accept use by numerous groups simultaneously, and also the 'depthadjustable' pool floor and huge operable partitions which provide maximum versatility in programming -from broadcastready competitive athletic events to toddler find out how to swim lessons.

miraj hammam spa reviews

Markham Photo Pan Am / Parapan Am Centre lobby Jimmy Wu forUrbanToronto. Project team.

Whenever attracting one and the other inter-national talent and repute, as its 1st facility kind in the GTA, the Centre will reposition Markham as a premiere destination for athletics. Featuring a 50m Olympic swimming pool. Now pay attention please. Markham's 'homegrown' talent, all eyes will be on Markahm throughout the 2015 Pan/Parapan American Games. Following the Games, the facility will act as a hub for athletic and partnership activity. Its flexible design will accept use by numerous groups simultaneously, as well as the depth adjustable pool floor and huge operable partitions which provide maximum versatility in programming -from broadcastready competitive athletic events to toddler learntoswim lessons.

CHIL Interior Design is partnering with Design for very anticipated showcase of the world's most luxurious immovable property at the LPS Beijing 2016, on April 22 24 in Sofitel Wanda Beijing. Of course Whenever living studies and the annual individual event gets lofty net worth Chinese home buyers and worldwide 'highend' property developers operators in a single platform, introducing very good design conceptions and finest properties for lifestyle. This year, the event is dedicated to the avant garde design conception, trends and even creative notions, which are incorporated in luxury interior design, craftsmanship, jewelry, architecture or properties.

B+H and CHIL Interior Design cordially invites you to be here with us at Sofitel Wanda Beijing on Saturday, april 23rd from ten, as an official event partner. Finally, please RSVP ASAP to Catherine Siu, to reserve a IP invitation. Often, attendance is strictly byinvite solely. Work on the Mosaic Stadium, home to the Regina Roughrider's is well underway and we got stunning work photos in progress. With approximately 70 percent of the construction process completed.

Let me tell you something. The construction team led with the help of PCL has installed the roof place with tensioned fabric on structural steel truss and PVC roofing, while the gutter level was installed, to date'. Just think for a second. The team has shown B+H's emphasis on efficiency and excellence for a P3 design build project, as Record Architect.

September 2015 commemorated a crucial milestone in the public development University Centre for Oral soundness, singapore in a groundbreaking ceremony officiated under the patronage of Mr Gan Kim Yong, minister for soundness of body. In reality, scheduled to be opened in 2019 and targeting BCA Green Mark Platinum award, the NUCOHS will be able to accommodate approximately 500 patients per week when it's fully operational. Seriously. This 34,000 sqm GFA integrated healthcare centre should consolidate multidisciplinary clinical dental research, degree and maintenance facilities under one roof.

Primarily, the building design activates a Campus Green with landscaped civic spaces linking NUCOHS to the international University Hospital, singapore campus. You should take it into account. It's connected to the communal transportation network thru a network of bridges and covered walkways. Needless to say, the treatment floors allow close cooperation between teaching and treating with a mix of tutorial rooms, 'openoffice' conception quite low partition dental chairs aggregated in closed operatory, pods as well as flexible waiting areas. Interior spaces combine big ceiling with extensive big performance curtain walls that maximize usual light penetration and allow a better connection to the nature. The administration, research as well as PhD wings share a landscaped courtyard at the building upper levels with clearly ventilated school boy, circulation and pre function zones general spaces.

Attended by Principal Stephane Lasserre B+H contributed the exhibition design contents display boards and also the animation video for the groundbreaking ceremony, besides roject members and Marketing teams. For example, it is a mere 45 degrees Celsius under the omnipresent desert sun -an enjoyable day for August in the United Arab Emirates.

Essentially, dan Voicu dons his tough hat and a fluorescent vest prior to leaving the air conditioned headoffice for the hoist that will get many of us to Al uppermost level Rayyan Complex's B tower. Dan is B+H's project manager for the 190. In addition, his task is to ensure the drawings B+H's architects produced come to life as designed. The sort out involves constant collaboration with various different consultants, chief among them Halcrow Group's mechanical, structural and electrical engineers and Terna SA's foremans. It is extremely exciting, he said looking out of what will happen to be a backoffice window to the bustle of Sharjah's basic artery below.

500 labours on site up to 6 weeks per day, the complex buzzes with activity, with an average of 1. Remember, 2 residential towers and one TV infomercial tower which will apartments offices, retail units and hotel serviced apartments, 3 site consists '34level' towers. All 3 towers rest on a '6 level' above ground, two as well as podium underground parking and mechanical spaces. That's where it starts getting serious, right? The podium roof will be outfitted with green space and pool facilities. Moving slowly from room to room inspecting the work, dan descends the tower's 34 levels pausing, bit by bit as well as by stair to get pictures, eyes peeled for any variance from the architectural drawings. He tours the site every day while junior architects collectively perform up to 25 inspections per week.

There is some more info about it here. Dan started working on construction sites as a lofty college architecture undergrad it hopes to employ architecture helping folks rediscover their identity after taking in account nearest context and culture and using materials that folks can associate with. Siu appreciates the ongoing support and networking potentials from InvestHK. Hong Kong is a blessed city -it has plenty of talent and a supportive country management. For instance, some folks focus usually on the own domestic market and may not be inclined to go further afield since they are not fully aware of prospects in distant continents. InvestHK will keep up its efforts to promote Hong Kong as a worldwide city and a gateway to Asia, she concluded.

2003 SARS epidemic, and increasingly frequent outbreaks of infectious diseases, such as MRSA, difficile and legionellosis, has coincided with a sweeping provincial healthcare infrastructure renewal initiative in Ontario. Notice, this confluence of events propelled meaningful, practical and a sudden response to among the greatest threats to our own everyday's well being scheme. Policymakers and the building sector professionals have entered in a newest conversation about healthcare design facilities. With reducing goal the risk of transmission of infectious diseases amongst the biggest concentration of immunocompromised societies -the in healthcare facilities, the outcome is a considerable re evaluation of current practices.

In March 2013, niagara everyday's well being System's newSt. Catharines Hospitalnot solely opened its doors but opened a window on healthcare future in Canada. It's the 1st hospitals to be built in response to growing concerns around superbugs spread. However, the nearly one million square foot facility contains extensive anti infection safeguards and is considered amid the most advanced hospital designs in Canada when it comes down to infection prevention and control. Anyways, vital implications emerged, with those implementation measures. Now look. It's critical that hospital patients feel secure in their mobility as they move thru a facility halls. Yes, that's right! wallmounted handrails are typically specified for all inpatient and treatment areas, to this end. These handrails are quite often used by hospital guests who require mobility assistance. On top of this, dozens of anybody use this kind of handrails on a regular basis, any transmitting their own organisms, some amount of which are infectious.

With all that said. However, they are crucial to reduce drops risk, the provision to install handrails is antithetical to infection control. It is better to specify handrail materials that are resistant to bacteria and dead simple to disinfect, in order to reconcile the following conflicting objectives. Solid, smoother surfaces with fewer assembly joints are considered. Copper is in addition a proper option since it absorbs microbes but it's costly impression, for lots of, clinical in feel or. Current evidence assumes that patient recovery time and hospital length of stay is shortened in normalized environments -where facility for any longerer housewifery visits, patients are enableed to wear their own clothes before hospital folks and the, gowns and as well possessions are able to freely roam patient zones, some of which are shared. Besides, the 'home like' environments and increased housewifery involvement in patient care stand in direct opposition to a controlled representation environment.

With detailed cleaning operations and protocols, however. Esearch shows that technology. 'microbe killing' robots, can reduce 'healthcareacquired' infection rates. Anyways, the technology is oftentimes overpriced and rapidly changing. Somehow, a balance needs to be struck. For better results, further research is if you want to harmonize the variety and weight of these measures with the values and priorities of patients and healthcare providers.

With that said, the sick oftentimes have compromised immune systems. Oftentimes resultantly, they had contracting greatest chance infectious diseases. The obvious response is to separate the following patients from manageable communicable pathogens when placing them in 'singlepatient' rooms with special washrooms. With 80 per cent peronal rooms, catharines Hospital has the greatest percentage of 'single patient' rooms in Ontario. Included in this thinking is the notion that infection containment rooms need to be huge to expect greater access to patients and to accommodate medicinal volume equipment. Which are a significant partition of any patient isolation solution, the containment spaces are successfully suites, with programmed addition anterooms. Accordingly, the hospital floor plate increases substantially.

Now regarding the aforementioned reason. Reducing travel distances for staff and patients is a primary goal and central tenant of hospital design. Consequently, there is a big deal of evidence that lowered travel distance correlates with cut workplace injury and decreased fatigue. Keep reading. Research likewise supposes there is a correlation betwixt shorter travel time on an unit and increased rapid response to emergency calls and more face time with patients. So, the outcome. Increased patient satisfaction. Shorter travel distances translate in a smaller hospital footprint, also. Resultantly, there is less building to heat, ventilate or even cool, and to which to supply authority and data. It means a more efficient supply of food, medic as well as laundry solutions considerably lower capital, clean energy, operating, consequently as well as and costs.

Basically, hospitals are bigger compared to ever, in vast fraction drive as to control HAIs and infectious transmission diseases. Tonight and patients need to move thru more kilometres per bed than ever before. Consequently, there is a liability for better balance betwixt singlepatient current design rooms and big containment spaces and controlling the transmission of infectious diseases, while not putting the fellowship at risk. As a consequence, handwashing is maybe the single most powerful infection control weapon in a healthcare facility. Very, they're enhanced, while there is a cost tied with plumbing and fixtures, space implications are negligible and another clinical operations are not compromised.

For nearly several years running. While cementing the place amongst the world's leading architects, this year, we ranked number 48. Survey respondents noted that architecture will be a more globalised entrepreneurship than ever. The WA100 highlights the work B+H has done internationally over the last 5 years to further establish the firm as a world leader.

While permiting us to expand our own healthcare test in Asia, singapore has proven to be the hub for utheast Asia. Seattle main office is gateway to the niche-market a source of transnational growth for B+ It supports our own continued expansion in the Pacific Northwest.

With a particular focus on Dubai and Jeddah, the footprint in the Middle East and North Africa has grown steadily. In India identified with the help of 7 per cent of the businesses surveyed as having the greatest growth potential for 2015 our own Smart town Kochi project is setting the standard for smart, sustainable planning.

The these days completed Changi common Hospital Integrated Building in Singapore is a strong example of how we've established the presence in SoutheastAsia. In south west India, work continues on Smart city Kochi, an immensely progressive masterplan for India.

The tenant landlord exchange was once plain simple. Sustainability has changed the dialogue with tenants in a dramatic way, said Lachlan Macquarrie, VP of real property management at Oxford Properties, at a latest roundtable discussion. There's more talk than ever about how a more sustainable building can privilege its occupants, and help businesses retain employees.

The exclusive roundtable session was cohosted with the help of B+H and the Canada Green Building Council. Report and soundness of body Productivity in Offices, tenants, we invited developers, real and designers estate professionals to discuss the report's recommendations, as the official Canadian launch the World Green Building Council's recent Wellbeing. The report highlights plenty of metrics that will demonstrate green effects buildings on employee productivity, soundness of body and even wellbeing. It considers a framework building owners and tenants can use to collect and analyze the info needed to generate the following metrics.

This framework could produce the a lot soughtafter metrics to prove that green building boosts bottom lines in the event tenants and owners are up to the task. The report lays out multiple metrics is that going to confuse tenants? Fellow Newsham. How is it possible to engage with all that facts?

While managing principal of B+H's interior design little, said clients great and group are now presenting sustainability as a crucial prong of the buziness approach, heidi Painchaud. The biggest challenge they get to the table is attracting top quality staff and keeping them, said Painchaud, when we ask the clients what's driving the buziness. The question remains. ROI of designing this kind of healthier, more efficient spaces?

Watch the recap video below to hear what the roundtable participants think. For details about the sector that's healthful ahead workplace curve, study the blog.

Watch the recap video below to hear what roundtable participants think. For details about the sector that's proper ahead workplace curve, explore blog.

Watch the recap video below to hear what roundtable participants think. For details about the sector that's good ahead workplace curve, explore blog.

Give a glance at those project pages, in order to practice more about the projects referenced in this video.

Your B+H CHIL Design team was lately featured in Ellie December question Sojourn magazine. The profile focuses on the collaborative, clientdriven approach that fuels CHIL's passion towards any one of the projects. Ellie Sojourn's December 2014 poser.

We pride ourselves on listening to the client 1st and not pushing the own private agenda and aesthetic regardless, says B+H CHIL Design Senior AssociateAdèle Rankin. Whenever inviting and classic, when all is said and done, we think that our own projects are timeless. Personally, I love the possibility to create looks that differ from project to project as it keeps me creatively challenged and current. CHIL Design is renowed for the 'awardwinning' hospitality work, and also DoubleTree by Hilton Regina and Wild Sage Kitchen Bar, L'Hermitage Hotel and the 'ShangriLa' Toronto.

Whenever incorporating areas for buziness, relaxation or public use functions, adèle goes on to identify the substantially overlooking she has seen in the hotel market over the past ten years, and also the lobby increasing importance as a hub for activity. TheUniversity of British Columbia AMS undergrad Nesthas merely been honoured for its outstanding achievements in sustainability by the 'Re Thinking' the Future Sustainability Awards. The project has won 2-nd place in the Institutional idea category. Now in its 3rd year, the RTF Awards are designed to develop an architectural language that will survive newest impact age challenges and evolve in an architectural future language. This year, the RTF Awards received 525 submissions from nearly 60 countries.

UBC AMS undergraduate Nestwill be an unusual destination that serves as a dynamic gathering place for students to interact and grow within a vibrant 'on campus' society. Centrally located, this outstanding facility will feature sustainable greatest levels building design and serve as a model for future developments at the University. With considerations for the Living Building Challenge, the Centre aims for LEED Platinum+ Certification. The building is designed to make pros of high-end technologies to meet the following ambitious targets.

This 3rd JV betwixt B+H and DIALOG demonstrates your commitment to working to advance the goals and University aspirations thru sound urban design, architecture and sustainability. Your design philosophy dictates that we seamlessly incorporate sustainable design thru all your work. In addition to sunshades and glass paneling to conserve heat and minimize 'non renewable' renewable energy consumption, that's why we equipped the D backoffice buildings and retail spaces inSandhill Plazawith solar water heating and rain collection systems. Whenever animating the groundspace to privilege the surrounding collaboration, the design as well includes a generous amount of commune space at the lower levels.

Centerpiece as well as Sandhill Plaza dominatesShanghai'sPudong Zhangjiang Hightech Park and now it is dominating the awards scene, with a 20 storey RD building as its China. Sandhill Plaza these days won the Shanghai Exploration Design Trade Association's 2014 Annual Award for Excellence in Architecture. The annual award recognizes design green initiatives, architecture as well as innovation's contribution to your overall wellbeing.

Why doesEddie Wucollect sand from any city he has visited? The B+H Principal and Director of Landscape Architecture travels across the world to work on largescale projects like theHuai'a Eco Cityin Jiangsu, china. Eddie considers projects on, no doubt both a macro and micro level, in order to design a project that speaks to the nearest culture while likewise resonating with a global audience. Even a single placement tree matters in a 127,000m² complex development. For one a, says Wu as well as subject 'well placed' tree on an ad strip is shown to draw more customers in the shops.

Wu collects vials of sand, to remind him all of short authority details and the larger impact when got together. Individually, the grains will seem nearly but together, invisible and the tiny details produce a powerful effect. The strategy serves Wu well on projects likeHuai'a Eco city, which aims to get together the nearest commune as a newest landmark facility. Designing for the partnership realm and creating newest collaboration spaces requires careful attention to the smallest details. Alone, a curb height or placement of a tree makes short impact. The sum of these calculated choices is an animated, engaged partnership.

When B+H opened the 1st head office inChina in 1992. Fewerhad much more than productionoffices or site offices in internationallocations, extremely fewdesign businesses had achieved trulyinternational practices. We sought to establish localizedoperations to integrate your expereince in thelocal culture, to better understand the fundamentalcultural, operational and administration context and howit affects 'conclusion making'.

We got thebest of their worldwide experience to a project,sending Canadian expats to work with Chinesenationals and Canadian expats to deliver B+H's fullscope design maintenance in the Shanghai main office, instead of exportingdesign approaches from a central headquarters. That 1st outpost in Shanghai Okay us toestablish the strong neighboring presence needed to adaptour designs and solutions to the unusual cultivated, linguisticand national Chinese realities market.

miraj hammam spa reviews

Whenever crconsuming food strong client relationshipsas key sector players need to start to recognizeB+H for its combined knowledge of internationalclient needs and neighboring market expectations, this uniquely tailored approach has provenextremely effective. Go localapproach was invaluable, really in the MiddleEast, as weexpanded your global test culture outside ofChina in lots of unusual locations. Explosive growth in the late 1990s and2000s meant regional developers proven to be sophisticatedand experienced, and with an eye to assure continuedgrowth have begun to reach out and develop internationalprojects based on the domestic experience.

We're able to leverage ourstrengths in unusual locations and utilize the bestand most appropriate global resources to solve anylocal difficulties, when they reach out. One case in point is Smartcity Kochi, a masterplanning project of Smartcity Dubai PJSC, dubai and a subsidiaryof TECOM Properties. Kechi is arapidly developing town in Kerala Indian state,a place that has an enormously educated populationwith limited employment possibilities.

Internationalemployees can move in a live workenvironment with all the amenities required andexpected for a comfortable life, the Smarttown developments are focused oncreating sustainable working environments andtypically will involve a mix of uses. The Smarttown Kochi campus presented several neighboring challenges, quite in relation to the sitecontext and the site atmosphere qualities.

Our own success as well stems from our own understandingthat going global means more than simplywinning projects internationally. We got adopteda unusual approach. We've established localisedoperations in quite a few cities, but not merely exportingideas from one central headoffice to be applied to citiesthroughout the globe.

The success in addition stems from understandingthat going global means more than simplywinning projects internationally. We had adopteda special approach. We've established localisedoperations in many cities, but not merely exportingideas from one central bureau to be applied to citiesthroughout the globe.

Originally appeared inMiddle East Architect Magazine.

At B+H, we approach nearest design from a global perspective. We had established regional operations with an eye to integrate your practice in the regional context and to better understand the key national and operational environment and how it affects 'decisionmaking'. October 2014 Middle difficulty East Architect Magazine.

We are pleased to announce that the Markham Pan Am Centre has won an unprecedented 3 2014 Markham Design Excellence Awards. The Awards recognize projects that exemplify good in form, design, function or style and have a positive impact on the Markham society. It's an actual honour to have got this accolade for Markham Pan Am Centre, the prestigious Jury Award is not given out any year. We are pleased to announce that Stratus has won a SBID Award for better Restaurant Bar. The SBID worldwide Design Awards recognize, reward and as well celebrate global design excellence. This year's competition received entries from more than 30 countries across the globe in fifteen categories.

We are particularly excited to share this news, this is interior design group's 1-st worldwide award. Our own approach to hospitality, driven by the B+H CHIL Design team, is woven through the elegant, yet welcoming interiors of Stratus. Design lead, was and Eduardo Mora on hand to accept the award at the ceremony at the Dorchester Hotel in London on November 14.

Located in the Toronto Athletic Club, in the heart of Toronto's pecuniary District, stratus was almost ready for a reinvention. Stratus in an elegant yet relaxed space, suitable for comfortable dining and hosting multiple concurrent events. With revenues doubling since the renovation, stratus has established itself as the premier destination for Toronto's Bay street elite. Project team.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne partook in a trade mission for ages with other provincial and territorial leaders. Among anyone who met with the Premier were students at the newest Canadian transnational academy Kunshan China, who travelled from Kunshan, a satellite city approximately 62 kilometres outside of Shanghai, for any longerside Wynne in the Run for Fun which took place on October 28. The novel of CISK's design and development is in threshold with Premier Wynne's mandate to promote Ontario's environment, degree and green building protection initiatives in China.

While to embrace modern models of Degree design, open from the start to taking from transnational better practices, CISK set out to create a model for sustainable development in China. It searched for that good partner to accomplish that was 'Ontarioheadquartered' B+H Architects.

Ontario and Canadian expertise in China prompted former Premier Dalton McGuinty to visit the firm's Shanghai head office in November a partnership with CISK has piqued another Premier's interest. CISK and B+H suspect that there's no better method to teach students about environmentallyfriendly and sustainable buildings than building these elements in the university. This is a model B+H has perfected in Ontario at University of Windsor's Ed Lumley Centre for Engineering Innovation and Queen's University's Beamish Munro Hall, all designed to let occupants to see their sustainable features at work.

This made B+H the logical partner for CISK, says Norman Damaren, governor of CISK. We were looking to Ontario's expertise in architecture and interior design to create a Ontario Degree project in China. It is one of a lot of strategic alliances that CISK feels lucky about. Founded in 2012, CISK is affiliated with St. John''s Kilmarnock' academy -located in Waterloo area, ontario Canada -a prestigious IB World college and valued partner. CISK is the 1st transnational academy in China, licensed with the help of Jiangsu Provincial Department of formation under the last progress in legislation.

This newest facility was envisioned as a best test for sustainable development in China. With big increases predicted for next September when construction is complete, there're currently 130 students enrolled. Together, B+H and CISK envisioned this project as a living example of what it means to be sustainable in China.

Work extends beyond simply the building. An organic farm adjacent to the university will proven to be a living classroom for students. This burgeoning educational hub in China's greater Suzhou location is faster becoming a better practice to present to Premier Wynne, an example of Ontario sustainable and schooling design best practices, brought to life within a Chinese context. While as pointed out by Markham Stouffville Hospital governor and CEO, janet Beed and most patients accept that hospitals are a place where rubbish things happen.

Healthcare providersand architects are now beginning to work to consider changing that perception and to reintroduce hospitals to patients as a place of wellbeing, collaboration and overall health. Drawing inspiration from the partnership realm to create spaces within hospitals is one way that design can address the huge challenges the healthcare market sector will face in the coming years.

The average life expectancy worldwide was 47 years in 1900 and is set to be 84. In Asia, a population quarter will be above age 60 by the year 2050, societies number worldwide living with dementia will triple. How is it possible to ensure that elderly patients and the caregivers are accommodated, and that housekeeping members are able to participate in the healing development? Household could care for liked ones while still going about the weekly lives, before the modern time hospital. There needs to be a global shift from reactive sick care to preventative well care. Commune and housewifery integration is a key to changing this perception and developing a culture of sustained overall health.

This is the thesis of B+H CEO Bill Nankivell's presentation at the upcoming Healthcare Infrastructure Technology Engineering Conference conference taking place in Singapore on October The presentation will focus on the common realm in healthcare design and the role that design plays in integrating the society while connecting the facility to the surrounding urban context and bringing commune spaces back in the equation. Markham Stouffville Hospital and several B+H projects in Singapore. Whenever taking in consideration human ecology regulations, to stabilize the healing environment in healthcare institutions, bill moderated a panel discussion on how is it possible to apply design thinking tools.

While investing in durable building materials should be costly, can end up helping entrepreneurs to avoid the obligation to demo and rebuild. Whenever realizing that 35 per cent of landfill waste comes from construction and demolition activities, rebuilds can likewise be costly, environmentally damaging. Can special materials at least be salvaged and reused, when renewal isn't manageable. Using recycled and repurposed materials can positively impact your building's LEED rating and contribute to your partnership's overall vision for sustainable design.

The CaGBC's Greater Toronto Chapter hosts an annual competition that teaches Emerging Green Builders that what we call waste can virtually be a valuable resource, with intention to engender this kind of values in junior architects. The Emerging Green Builders are a group of students and youthful professionals committed to being leaders of rearrangement in the green building market sector. EGB is an official Greater committee Toronto Chapter with full representation on the board. Douglas Birkenshaw, a Principal based in B+H's Toronto studio, was invited to judge this year's enviroSCULPT competition. The contest asked students and junior professions to divert materials from the waste stream and turn them in works of skill. The judging took place on October 8th with a panel that included Roma Malik, sustainable Sourcing plan Lead at Brookfield Johnson Controls and Umberto Berardi, assistant Professor at Ryerson University. For ages with the winners at the time of the CaGBC Greater Toronto Chapter Gala at the Arcadian Court on October 16. Businesses invest millions building resort properties, and at times it can seem that renovations are required nearly immediately after opening week. It is essential to consider which areas will provide return on investment and which improvements must be completed for defensive or preventative concerns, in order to avoid needlessly throwing cash down the proverbial rabbit hole.

Paul Morissette, principal of B+H CHIL Design, explored this problem throughout a panel presentation at the Western Canada Hotel Resort Investment Conference on October 8 at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel in Vancouver where Paul's team the other day completed modern interiors. Joining Mark 360 VOX Corporation, tyler MacDonald, edwards, oxford Properties Group and Scott Delta Hotels, richer or even Resorts on a panel called Aging Resorts… A Case for Renovation, paul shared several case studies including the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel, doubleTree by Hilton Regina and Wild Sage Kitchen Bar, delta Lodge or Embassy Suites.

It's business to guide clients through the planning development involved in refurbishing hotel properties from beginning to end says Paul, as designers. The panel explored a variety of models for for awhile with ongoing operation and maintenance costs related to resort properties. Construction is well underway for theUBC AMS school boy Nest,and we've got some stunning work photos in progress courtesy of Dialog. UBC students are eagerly awaiting their chance to swarm this modern hub of activity on campus, as the key stakeholders through the project. They as well participated in design workshops supporting shape the newest space, the school-boy committee was likewise team portion selection process. We cannot wait for them to start off using this newest campus hub.

That's what most patients think, said Markham Stouffville Hospital chairman and CEO Janet Beed in a latter interview withyorkregion. Beed hopes to consider changing that perception, with the expansion and 20 renovation year old enough MSH. We are here to motivate you to get healthful, said Beed. That doesn't mean the hospital has to be a dungeon.

MSH was institutional and disconnected from the commune it serves a difficulty additional hospitals are struggling to solve. Healthcare facilities have as usual been designed entirely as clinical spaces, rigidly defined in their completes, layouts and functionality. Can an ambulatory patient discover a place to exercise in the mornings? Is there a place where the housekeeping can have a meal with them? Design that draws its inspiration from the fellowship realm leads to improved patient outcomes.

The methods to hospital design is really critical in countries where society and housekeeping are deeply involved in a patient's treatment and recovery. In China, where B+H has practiced for around 20 years, household members play a quite essential role in a patient's healing, comfort, process and providing food supplementary nursing tasks. Most patients are accompanied with the help of housewifery members while in a hospital. And there is no space allocated for them. They end up camped out in the corridors and wards of buildings that weren't designed to comprise common spaces.

B+H imagines hospitals as everyday's health villages, instead of clinical buildings break from the partnership, as an antidote to this. With mostly automobile access in mind, the original MSH was developed in farmland middle. An all the town has sprung up across the hospital, a collaboration from which the original MSF was separate, since then.

The modern site was designed to integrate the hospital in the urban context that has developed around it. Closer to the neighbouring streets, the newest site is available by foot, transit and bicycle, where until it was mostly affordable by auto. Instead of alienating patients, warm scale brick. Inviting glass and likewise the architecture invite the society in. But not a clinical silo, inside the redesigned MSH. Form as well as texture reinforce the space as a partnership extension outside. Visual therapy panels above treatment beds reduce stress for awhile procedures, hallways flooded with real light provide views to assist patients and travellers orient themselves.

Areas that exist purely to stabilize mental and emotional wellbeing, like a village, a hospital will encompass fellowship spaces. In a village or town, such spaces exist as town squares and parks. In a hospital, it should be a daylit atrium with comfortable seating like the newest space created for MSH. The modern MSH likewise includes single patient rooms with a wellequipped and scaled housekeeping zone. The method is quite vital for a facility like MSH, which is the primary healthcare provider for the majority of its citizens. The newest facility includes outpatient clinics more welcoming to the partnership than the emergency room. This kind of spaces relieve pressure on the ER a review that is critical to delivering 'costeffective' healthcare.

The newest MSH, completed in September 2014, is now a space designed for guys. This shift from 'functionfocused' to housekeeping and patientfocused design is an integral component of an evolving approach to healthcare facilities that places emphases on collaboration as a healing force. At timesdon't do in expereince and you'll end up with not merely better hospitals, but a healthier country management, design with folks in mind as architects are trained to do in theory.

Originally appeared in the Ontario Architecture Association'sProfiles We are pleased to announce that DoubleTree by Hilton Regina and Wild Sage Kitchen Bar has won a 2014 IDIBC Award of Excellence!

Past and Present -DoubleTree by Hilton Regina and Wild Sage Kitchen Bar Renovations helped turn this historic Regina hotel in a hallmark of what location once was and what the city is poised to turned out to be. Historically, regina is a centre for agricultural biz and oil and normal gas. In a striking juxtaposition of quite old and modern, the designers referenced the city's industrial past besides its future. Luxury Down by the Bay -Alexandra English Bay This modern residential tower pays homage to the site's original 1936 heritage building while serving as a modern update to Vancouver's West End neighbourhood. While incorporating hues of wood, sand, stone and sea, with exceptional views and a strong connection to English Bay and Stanley Park, the design blends luxury and sophistication by getting nature's palette indoors.

West Coast Chic -Westin Whistler Grill Vine Restaurant This approachable and relaxed space is a modernized classic reinterpretation bar and grill designed in a signature bistrostyle. The casual atmosphere of this newly designed restaurant makes for the perfect resort destination Whether a laid back lunch or dinner, or it is a 'aprèsski' drink. The IDIBC Awards is amid the most extremely regarded honours in the interior design fellowship in British Columbia, annually celebrating excellence in Interior Design through the province.

Jackman Reinvention Inc. Stratus Bar Restaurant have one and the other won 2014 ARIDO Awards of Merit! Anything Corporate. Jackman Reinvention Inc. This management consultancy and brand activation firm specializing in retail reinvention wanted its modern workspace to have ample collaborative space. Jackman's hardworking staffers with a notion of home. Jackman's trademark ABC philosophy.

Branded Workplacesthe teams reckon that workplace design can build a stronger entrepreneur culture. We understand how a well crafted environment with a partnership's brand in mind can reflect its core values. It's a good idea to brand your work environment, you brand corporate communications and products? Where they want to go, designs reflect therewith who our own clients are. Creating unusual, good work environments that promote our own clients' standpoint is about more than giving them an attractive space. It serves as a catalyst for enhancing the bottom threshold after helping them achieve the goals. Laid Back Elegance. Stratus Bar Restaurant Located in the Toronto Athletic Club, in the heart of Toronto's pecuniary District, this space was due for a reinvention. Stratus in an elegant yet relaxed space, suitable for comfortable dining and hosting multiple concurrent events. With revenues doubling since the renovation, stratus has established itself as the premier destination for Toronto's Bay street elite.

The ARIDO Awards is the most very regarded honours in the interior design commune. Showcasing originality, excellence or innovation in interior design, the awards get superior design to the forefront any year. The 2014 Evolve undergrad Design Competition is now open for registration. Presented in partnership with RBC, evolve is a sustainable design competition for 'postsecondary' students in architecture, related and even engineering programs in Canada.

This year, students are challenged to design a net zero commune library. The competition will challenge architecture, design or even engineering students to work together, apparently as 'multi disciplinary' teams, to design an energyand waterefficient communitybased library, with an intention to be completed at the time of the 2014 fall term -2015 academic year. For full blueprint please, along with evaluation criteria and likewise details see the Competition Brief.

Registration is now open to students and will close on November Visit the Evolve site to register now! Join the coversation online.

3 B+H projects been shortlisted for this year's SBID worldwide Design Awards! We're honoured to have got amongst the most prestigious recognitions of design excellence in the interior design market. Now it is in your hands. Commune Members are invited to cast the votes helping determine this year's winners. In the Hotel Design category. The Fairmont Waterfront Hotel In the Intelligent Design category. Hertz San Diego OnAirport Flagship In the Restaurant and Bar category.

Restaurant and even Hotel, in order to vote for he Fairmont Waterfront Stratus Bar. Social voting will close at 30 pm GMT on Friday five September and the winners will be announced at the SBID inter-national Design Awards Ceremony, held at The Dorchester Hotel in London on Friday 14 November 2014.

The past awards got entries from around 30 countries, across five continents across the world. Previous finalists and winners have included. Bentley Motors Head bureau in Crewe by FutureBrand; W Hotels in Paris and Singapore by Rockwell Group, the Hyundai entrepreneurship Centre in Korea by Hyundai Construction and Engineering; the Adobe Head head-quarters in Utah by Rapt Studio, candy Candy's Candyscape II and Number One Hyde Park.

SBID is the profession standardbearer organisation of interior design in Britain and represents members in higher formation, market or expereince. The organisation supports the profession nationally, locally or internationally and is an important component of a global network of 50,000 designers who are professionally accredited. SBID is the British organisation selected under the patronage of the 16 nation members of Interior Europe's Council Architects and the NCIDQ in the USA and Canada to represent the professional accreditation standards in Britain.

CHIL's Adèle Rankin talks to Design Quarterly about redesigning the Fairmont Waterfront in Vancouver. The warm, contemporary look B+H CHIL created for the Fairmont's ARC restaurant is displayed on the2014 cover Summer Edition of Design Quarterly. Whenever using a warm, area as well as neighboring photography in guestrooms to create a sophisticated West Coast impression of place, rankin told DQ's Cheryl Mah that the design team took its creative inspiration from the waterfront regional colour palette.

Rankin, a Senior Associate with B+H CHIL, was interviewed on hospitality evolution furniture design for the 2013 Spring concern of Design Quarterly. In that piece, rankin details the 3 basic criteria for selecting furniture -placement, style as well as durability -and expounds the current expectations for a variety of areas of a hotel. ARC Restaurantand The Fairmont Waterfront Hotel.

Newfoundland governance and Labrador has awarded a ten. Corner Brook Care Team. The design and construction team includes B+H Montgomery Sisam Architects, architects, marco or PCL Construction Builders of Atlantic Canada. The team will use the functional blueprint, which outlines the operational design, programming, project scope as well as to begin the 5 detailed design buildings that will consist of the soundness of body care complex.

The Corner collective experience Brook Care Team will be an asset as we advance this crucial project for the folks of western Newfoundland, said Nick McGrath, newfoundland Minister of Transportation and Works, in a release earlier now. The businesses involved have well earned reputations in their respective fields -B+H has completed more than 90 hospital projects worldwide, PCL Construction has built 285 hit points projects in the previous 10 years, montgomery Sisam Architects for ages|lasting|long-lasting|long lasting|permanent|continuous|ongoing care projects. While working through an integrated design process to deliver an innovative, 'lofty performance' facility, adds B+H Principal Mark Berest, this team represents the nation's foremost experts in healthcare design and construction. We're proud to be a Corner element Brook Care Team and excited to participate in this innovative design process. We robust believe it will yield substantially results.

This contract will output in 2 design packages, which will for a while|lasting|long-lasting|long lasting|permanent|continuous|ongoing care and central utility outsourcing buildings and one for the acute care hostel, hospital, administration or facilities. That kind of will be used as the technical requirements for the soundness of body construction care facilities. The newest hospital will continue to offer outsourcing lofty level currently attainable at Western Memorial Regional Hospital along with emergency rehabilitation, inpatient, care, obstetrics and palliative care mental soundness of body maintenance and diagnostic maintenance, in addition to newest solutions such as radiation treatment and a dedicated space for a PET scanner.

Our own annual Charity Golf Tournament on June five raised over 50,000 for The Leacock Foundation, a nonprofit that works tirelessly to inspire and authorize youth in need thru literacy and leadership possibilities. At the time of the event dinner portion, leacock Foundation founder Peter Oliver spoke on the Foundation's mission to give newest chances to junior folks in lofty needs communities.

The resources raised will be split betwixt 2 Leacock programs. Located in Toronto, the Lead thru Trails plan provides Grade five students with outdoor experiential studying focusing on teamwork, reflection, creativity as well as exploration. Whenever providing extra educational enrichment to students in math key areas and understanding, the 2nd will, in uth Africa or blueprint add to the Get Ahead Project academy. Over the last 37 years, B+H has helped to raise credits thru this annual event for a wide kinds of nearest and transnational charities. The firm thanks all of people who were able to attend the golf tournament and, in particular as well as your sponsors for their good generosity and support for an excellent cause. This year's sponsors included Astley The Mitchell Partnership, gilbert, PCL or Smith + Mumby Insurance, flynn, andersen, teknion as well as the Gillam Group.

Annual Charity Golf Tournament is merely one of a great deal of ways that B+H supports charitable causes and it's often a highlight of our own year. The Evolve Sustainable Design Competition challenges post secondary students in engineering, related or architecture programs in Canada.

CHIL Design is collaborating with Nations artist Clifton Fred to design several rooms in Skwáchays Lodge, canada's 1st Aboriginal boutique hotel. The firm joins 5 anyone else working with Aboriginal artists to create the Vancouver hotel's 18 guestrooms, which will any feature indigenous artwork -along with original blankets, carvings or paintings -centred on a particular theme.

CHIL Design and Clifton Fred are designing 3 distinct guestrooms for the Skwáchays Lodge -one with a poem conception, one with a Canadiana idea, and one with a collage idea. Located near Vancouver's Chinatown, the Lodge is Vancouver fraction Native Housing Society complex, which opened in 2012 with a workmanship gallery, collaboration housing units as well as 24 healing lodge suites. Originally designed to offer accommodation to outoftown Aboriginal patients receiving treatment in Vancouver, 24 18 suites were later reconceived as hotel rooms in response to 'lower when compared with anticipated' demand for the healing lodge. The rooms have proven really well-known with tourists looking for unusual accommodation. The VNHS is looking to transform the suites in a remarkable showcase of Nations craft.

Having worked for a lot of leading hospitality brands and numerous boutique hotel properties, B+H CHIL Design has good experience creating distinctive interiors that refine a traveler's experience. We are excited about this chance to work with Clifton, a Crow from the good Tlingit Tribe, to convey a notion of his rich culture. At B+H, we value giving back to the communities we live and work in globally. CHIL Design is fortunate to be volunteering the time on this project to assist the Vancouver Native Housing Society. The 'non profit' will be using revenue generated from the highend hotel helping fund the various different initiatives.

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The project got plenty of press coverage, with quite short features in the Vancouver Sun and the Province, on the Inside Vancouver blog, in Boutique Design magazine, while the Lodge isn't set to open until May. RBC the other day recognized the 2-nd winners annual Evolve Sustainable Design Competition with a reception hosted at the RBC Centre in Toronto.

The competition was launched in 2012 to challenge postsecondary students in engineering, architecture or even related programs across Canada to work together in teams to design a sustainable future building. This year's challenge was to design a sustainable sports research institute that will minimize pure energy use and water conservation. This year's winning team was 6 students from Ryerson University's Architectural Science blueprint. Victor Kiwoon Oh, huynh, nikita Yakushev, kevin and Lydon Whittle Kyung Lee. The 1st place team got 5,000while the 1-st runner up team got 3,500.

Whenever showcasing 3 innovative but quite special responses to the design challenge, each team's winning submission panels were on display in the reception hall over the evening. Details on all 3 teams and their submissions is searched with success for on the Evolve site. The RBC Centre made an appropriate venue for a nighttime recognizing sustainable design, as the building is Canada's tallest LEED 'CanadaNC' Gold certified head office building.

The full judging panel for this year's Evolve competition included Toronto Star Architecture Critic Christopher Hume, B+H Principal Douglas Birkenshaw, canadian Sport Institute of Ontario CEO Debbie participator, lower and RBC Olympian of Canada's gold medal winning Men's 8 rowing team Brian Price, director of Halsall Sustainable Engineering Doug Webber. While all along his presentation Canada's entry in the 2014 Venice Biennale in Architecture, mason highlighted a lot of the connections betwixt sustainability and sports facility design while profiling his firm's work in the far north along with a civic centre for Klaksvik. The exhibit, which B+H is proud to future, sponsor, present or covers architecture past in Nunavut.

Congratulations once more time to the winning teams in this year's competition on the innovative and forward thinking sustainable designs. Interior Design magazine's rankings of the world's Top 100 Giants -a largest listing businesses creating exceptional interior spaces now. Tabulated with the help of design fees in 2013, the Giants list places B+H at 73.

The following modern rankings complement your top 50 position in the World Architecture Top 100, which recognized B+H for creative and architectural staff. Congratulations to the global interior design teams on the Interior Design ranking. Architects Chairman Dan McAlister lately spoke as a featured panelist at Construct Canada's 2013 CEO force Breakfast.

An integral element of Construct Canada's annual trade show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, the CEO force Breakfast gets together a panel of senior executives from the building design and construction market sector. While engineering and architecture over the past 25 years, in trade recognition 25th anniversary show, the panel discussed the evolution of construction. The panelists noted that emerging building delivery models such as Integrated Project Delivery and modern technology like Building info Modelling were essential innovations that will continue to have a substantially influence on future developments.

Given that IPD and BIM all require secure collaboration between a project's design and development teams, dan emphasized architecture increasing importance and construction entrepreneurs integrating key phases of work to smooth the transition from conceptual design to construction site 'ground breaking'. Jim Dougan, governor of Eastern Canadian Buildings for PCL; Greg Moore, senior managing director of project management in Canada at CBRE and Douglas Smith, principal at Smith + Andersen, dan was joined on the panel by Mike Reinders, seanntor of Maple Reinders Constructors.

World Architecture Top 100 survey -a tremendous step in the really swift ascent in this kind of annual rankings.

Debuting on the top 100 list 2 years ago, B+H ranked 61st for creative staff and 71st for architectural staff in The succeeding year, we leapt to 50 and respectively, this or 58 year B+H has likewise made noticeable gains to move within the ranks world's top 50 businesses.

For B+H, success comes from focusing on transnational growth potentials in key sectors. While bringing your total roster to Building a presence in these markets helps us to achieve design excellence for more clients globally, in 2013, we opened newest offices in Seattle and Hong Kong. We are honoured to be recognized amongst the Top 100 companies and hope to continue the ascent next year!

At B+H, we value giving back to the communities we live and work in globally. In these later days, a global fundraising campaign by B+H raised over 11,000 for typhoon disaster relief in the Philippines. Last fall's Super Typhoon Haiyan left the province in a state of civil with injured, homeless, calamity as well as hungry survivors left grieving over devastating loss 6,000 folks. While getting sustained winds of 315 km/h, waves as big as fifteen m and up to 40 rain cm in some areas, prominent as Yolanda locally, haiyan was a category five typhoon -the biggest level -when it made landfall on November 8.

b+H announced it should match employee total donations made to Unicef Canada by December 19, after the storm.a grand total of 11,145 was raised under the patronage of the global B+H team, with Canada administration matching 'non corporate' donations. For a while tale of contributing to charitable causes that enhance people's livelihoods across the globe, as a socially responsible organization. Supporting disaster relief efforts when emergencies occur is one way we give our own help when and where it is needed most. This past December, B+H's Toronto head-quarters was amid the top 2 donators to the Centre for Addiction and Mental general health holiday dresses drive. Donations went to the Suits Me Fine Boutique, a regional plan that provides wardrobe essentials free of charge to CAMH clients. In total, 18 dress boxes were collected for the boutique. While, in the photo above, B+H team associate for agesside another top donators to the wear drive.

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Modern York Times Photo Galley With Ordos Airport, B+H Principal 'Jean Sebastien' Bourdages designed a spectacular landing place for travelers making the incredible trip to Inner Mongolia. Drawing on his work on the big performance building design, 'Jean Sebastien' discussed modern ideas for sustainable airport design as 2nd fraction transnational From Terminal to World summit forum in Beijing.

The forum was created to profile key possibilities in terminal planning, construction and design. This year's forum focused specifically on the approaches behind sustainable airports like Ordos. The terminal reflects its surroundings to appeal to a traveler's notion of trip, as the modern gateway to Inner Mongolia. Mongolian departure, the arrivals and yurt ramps are covered under the patronage of a canopy inspired with the help of the Mongolian grasslands and the 2 terminal arms from above resemble a Mongolian Bow.

As an integral component of B+H's commitment to highperformance design. With a passive shading method working to block heat in the middle of the summer while enableing solar gain in the winter, the building's facades are 'triple glazed'. Light shelves and skylights help to diffuse daylight deep in the interior concourse. With a steady stream of rather warm air rising to the hall top for exhaust, the departure hall's height is designed to facilitate real stack ventilation. The winter gardens featured in the arrivals and departure concourse as well help to regulate the interior environment while filtering the air.

Jean Sebastien noted in his presentation that latter master planning efforts are aiming to enhance the integration betwixt airport terminals and the cities in which they're built, airports have usually played a key role in connecting cities. The airport economy zone conception seeks to position airport terminals as hubs that can attract investment to the surrounding field, instead of thinking of airports as buildings isolated in suburbia. China's 1-st such zone launched this summer in Zhengzhou. Modern planning projects are focused on a better integration of air and ground travel when positioning worldwide airports to double as nearest transportation hubs.

Given this everexpanding range of outsourcing, it is becoming increasingly significant that vast airport terminals prioritize efficiency all in terms of facilitating speedy travel. While being positioned to accommodate a projected five million passengers per year in 2040, ordos is designed to serve as a great deal of as 270,000 passengers per year, as travel to the field increases.

Jean Sebastien used B+H's past work on Lester Pearson worldwide Airportin Toronto, gaoqi worldwide Airport in Xiamen, huanghua worldwide Airport in Changsha, meilan inter-national Airport in Haikou and Xiaoshan transnational Airport in Hangzhou to further highlight successful methods for integrating usual sustainable like lighting or ventilation design features. 2 of projects Mosaic Stadium and Corner Brook Regional Hospital were included on the list of Canada's Biggest Infrastructure Projects, curated under the patronage of Renewest Canadamagazine. Landing at the 72nd and 81st spots respectively, the list features the province's biggest infrastructure projects by cost.

Architect of Record for Mosaic Stadium at Evraz Place, the iconic keystone project of the city's Regina Revitalization Initiative and modern home of the CFL's Saskatchewan Roughriders. It will be very notable modern building in the city in the last 20 years and will be purposefully integrated in the city's masterplan through relationships to outdoor fellowship space, and also a planned linear park extending from Evraz Place East to the town centre. Acting as a Corner participator Brook Care Team, B+H is the Prime Consultant for the Corner Brook Regional Hospital. The design and construction team includes Montgomery Sisam PCL Construction, marco and Architects Builders of Atlantic Canada. Whenever working through an integrated design process to deliver an innovative, lofty performance facility, the team represents the nation's foremost experts in healthcare design and construction.

Currently under construction and slated to open in time for the '2015 2016' academy year, toronto University Faculty of act's renewal was lately recognized with the help of Canadian Architect with a 2013 Excellence Award for its innovative design. Whenever, hariri Pontarini is the Design Architect and B+H is the Executive Architect on this project, which will double the faculty's existing space. George campus and fostering an improved impression of commune for an ordinance university looking to secure its reputation as Canada's finest.

Now in their 46th year, these awards celebrate excellence and innovation in Canadian design stage architecture. The winners were announced in Canadian Architect's December 2013 constraint, which included a feature about the ordinance faculty's renewal project. The project includes a newest building overlooking Queen's Park exterior, crescent as well as interior renovations to the Bora Laskin ordinance Library, a central addition lex Forum space to connect the 2 buildings, and a light renovation to the college's Flavelle premises, which will drastically enhance the historic building's efficiency. The project is targeting a LEED Gold rating.

The elegant, 'crescent shaped' newest Jackman lex Building will communicate the Faculty of lex's distinguished stature while crconsuming food 66,000 square feet of modern space for classrooms and offices, with a rhythmic façade that rests huge glass panes and 'gold tinted' nickel fins atop vertical limestone blocks. Whenever saying that the building manages to achieve a classically formal expression while still being contemporary, with jury participator Karen Marler, the jury panel praised the design, a partner at Hughes Condon Marler Architects. The site's 2-nd modern addition, the central act Forum, aims to promote a more dynamic academic fellowship. Whenever crtaking food a lively hub for students and faculty to gather and socialize, the space will act as the academy modern heart.

Whenever founding partner of Front Inc, jury partner Marc Simmons. While in addition being rather intelligent and 'performance oriented', it is iconic and beautiful. Lex Faculty was keeping a blog documenting construction of the renewal project, which is on track for substantial completion in summer 2015.

Led by Joe Jackman, jackman is a creative management consulting and activation firm focused on retail reinvention. The firm develops visions and methods that help businesses like Duane Reade better focus their brand and better engage the customers. In 2012, it came time for Jackman to reinvent the own work environment. They needed a collaborative, mostly open space that could support the hectic 'month to week to evening' roles as creative reinventors. They were looking for a 'nontraditional' head-quarters with a modern industrial aesthetic and a vintage edge. The space had to reflect professionalism degree present at for any longer hours Jackman's 'close knit' team works, the space needed welcoming, comfortable areas that could act like a 2-nd home to employees.

Jackman on past reinvention endeavours -most in these latter days, the Hertz rebrand. Feeling that B+H had a clear, firsthand understanding of their work culture, jackman engaged B+H to create a work environment that will meet their growing needs and echo the product quality that Jackman delivers. The team had 6 months to create a vision, secure a space and even develop it in Jackman's modern home. The area selected is a 2 floor, 18,530 square foot space in a west downtown heritage 'postandbeam' structure. The space is practically adjacent to Jackman's quite old place -in a city partition that fits well with who they are. The unusual architecture and expansive open plan provided the perfect shell for what exactly would proven to be a vibrant, collaborative environment that reflects Jackman's creativity and stimulates modern representations.

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The space was ripe with detail from its industrial past, and the stopped interior preserves loads of that character. With little hits of color, newest elements added to the space are straightforward -mostly black and whitish. While furnishings are sleek and modern -striking a proper balance of vintage and modern, modern materials like marble tile. Stainless steel and concrete floors plank recall the building's heritage. The plan is logical while as well accommodating the evolving uses that come 'hand in hand' with projects variety that Jackman undertakes. Adelaide Street, while special 'glass fronted' boardrooms are clustered near the this entrance as a convenience to clients. While providing prospects for offshoot work sessions, breakout booths flank this stretch of meeting space. This zone is a good showcase of how collaborative Jackman's practice eventually is -groups filter in and out, mostly breaking away from meetings to reassemble in the adjacent meeting spaces.

You are lead thru the knuckle -the basic connection head-quarters hub, as you pass thru this front of accommodation zone. The big, commune space helps achieve the 2nd home feel that Jackman desired. This warm atmosphere extends throughout the corner to the brightly lit studio work zone, flanked by playful graphics and comfy open meeting areas. The headoffice's bright back stairwell is fairly featuring walls, doors, risers, ceilings, playful or even treads all fully coated in reinvention redish. The stimulating color echoes the design renewable energy minds that work at Jackman. You exit to arrive in the upper studios -left largely open and raw, with a mix of factory pendant lighting and understated, indirect fixtures highlighting the naked structure above while providing soft common light to the work place, right after an electrifying trip up those stairs. Modern build out is quietly tucked in the corners, careful not to detract from the grandeur 'woodframed' space.

Jackman moved in their modern space in 2013 spring and fast made it their home. Projects colourful variety that pass thru the firm's walls influence the work environment and regularly reshape the head-quarters's spaces -meeting rooms proven to be offices. Whenever molding the space in a 'ever changing' stage for Jackman's work and an actual representation of who Jackman is as a firm, props or even graphics appear and disappear. On October 2013, B and 24+H hosted an opening reception for newlyrelocated Vancouver headquarters. While giving them a glimpse of the fabulous modern space, attended under the patronage of nearly 100 guys, theevent was a wonderful potential for B+H staff to converse with the respected clients and consultants.

Western Canada's leading architecture and interior design businesses, and is notably famed for award winning sustainable design expertise and hospitality interiors, the latest under our own B+H CHIL Design brand. We thank all attendees for a successful and enjoyable evening. We are delighted to now be Armoury portion District -Vancouver's newest destination neighbourhood for fairly current and interesting interior design and architectural solutions.

While in the course of a gala event in Cologne, on as well as Germany October Distinction Award is the top honour given in the IPC stream of the awards, the Abilities Centre in Whitby, ontario was given a Award of Distinction in the transnational Olympic Committee / worldwide Paralympic Committee / transnational Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities Architectural Prizes 2013. This B+Hdesigned facility was completed in 2012 and will be a featured venue in the Parapan Games component of Toronto's 2015 Pan/Parapan American Games. Mark Lead, berest or even Principal Architect for Abilities Centre, was in attendance for awhileside the centre's Executive Leo Plue, and Director 'Whitby Oshawa' MPP Christine Elliott. The full B+H project team involved in creating Abilities Centre included. Mario Sarandi, haley Maharaj, dario Martin, remigo Mallari, anne whitish, karlene Mootoo, anita as well as Leslie Tuttle Mark Mercado, joserp Baluyut, abeer, luca Visentin and Shrestha Girgis. The Abilities Centre is a 'state of the craftsmanship' multipurpose facility, committed to an inclusive development and integrated innovation, understanding, environment, where respect, cooperation or even PhD form core values. With an emphasis on children, it features fully equipped and universally affordable cardio/sensory, weight and as well fitness rooms that offer unparalleled possibilities for natural activities for guys of all ages and abilities. The building provides meeting and conference room facilities in addition to a performing arts place, all with universal requirements in mind, and an available furnished apartment for training in skills to guide autonomous living. The IOC, IPC or IAKS launched this award plan in 2005 to promote sustainable buildings with inclusive facilities that enable sport and leisure amenities to be effortlessly available to guys with varying degrees of natural abilities. Abilities Centre these days won Merit Architecture Award in the 2013 Ontario Steel Design Awards.

Karen Cvornyek, chairperson or even Regional Managing Principal for Asia, has had being tremendous honour awarded a State visit medallion by His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, governor key of for her continued, canada as well as exceptional service in promoting and enhancing the CanadaChina relationship. The medallion presentation took place at the time of a buddies of Canada reception on October at, 2013 and as well 20 the Fairmont Peace Hotel in Shanghai, on His occasion Excellency's State visit to China.

Karen has led B+H's expereince in China since In 2008, she was appointed Asia, in and likewise chairman 2012 took on responsibility as Regional Managing Principal. She oversees B+H's operations in Vietnam, china and Singapore with their professional staff ofmore than 250. Karen has overseen projects that involve Ordos airport in Inner Mongolia and iconic additions to the Shanghai skyline, and also the You You Grand Sheraton worldwide Plaza. In 2012, she oversaw the construction and 1st delivery social present from an architecture firm to China folks, in the form of a permanent sculpture installation prominent as the Butterfly Pavilion in Shanghai's largest park.

Karen's husband Mark Ceolin, chairperson of reddish Gate inter-national, was in addition amongst State 8 recipients visit medallions in the process of this event, to add to the fantastic news. Mark was recognized for his work in promoting Canada and Canadian culture, values and identity through China through his work in the cultured industries. For more facts on the Governor General's State visit to China, which took place from October 16 to 24, please as well as 2013 visit newest aquarium in North America. The opening ceremony was attended with the help of Liz Tory, jim Pattison Sr. Jim Pattison Jr. In addition to media from throughout the province, mayor Rob Ford or Sport and Tourism Minister Michael Chan.

The newest aquarium is designed to submerge travellers in the watery world that lies beneath our own city -the multifacetted shell requires its inspiration from glacial formations sprung earth out thru tectonic shifts. The experience is further heightened with the help of enableing for observation from above, within or even below. While heightening exploration notion and discovery, crawl thru tunnels, domes and tanks let viewers to be submerged within the exhibits.

The experience is definitely proving to have an aweinspiring effect on visitants. Said one Toronto Star At this aquarium, reporter and for a while sharks, sawfish or a lobster a big size dane, a grouper as large as a couch…hypnotism by sea creatures is a confident risk. Holding 7 million litres of water and housing around 450 marine species animals, the project required an one of a kind approach and big technical innovation. While ensuring water usage within the building is remains lower, most complex requirements is the Life Support setup for recycles, the tanks and which cleans nearly water all for the aquatic habitats.

Extra technical challenges included the complex concrete framework required for the tanks freeform design. Following B+H's work on Ontario skill Gallery, the Royal Ontario Museum. While providing the largest quality environment formation in a richly entertaining complex, situated at the CN base tower between the Rogers Centre and the Convention Centre, the aquarium reinforces this place as a destination district.

Toronto landscape and also attracting guests from across the globe with its innovative approach and immersive experience. Principal Lisa Bate was announced as the Leader winner Award from the Canada Green Building Council, greater Toronto Chapter. The award was announced on October 22 at the CaGBC's Legacy Gala. The Legacy Gala, now in its fourth year, is intended to recognize and celebrate projects and men and women that demonstrate advancement in the green building market sector in Southern Ontario. Lisa has had noticeable impact as a leader in the sustainability fellowship also in internationally, toronto or across Canada, as an architect and interior designer. As Past Chair of Directors Canada Board Green Building Council, lisa's involvement as a LEED® Accredited Professional and as B+H's representative to the United Nations environment Protection -Sustainable Buildings and Climate Initiative has permited her to have a remarkable position across those organizations that operate in overlapping regional and global sectors. Lisa is a EvidenceBased Design Accredited and Certified Professional, past chairman of Architects Ontario Association in Canada, royal Fellow Architectural Institute of Canada. Her access to a wide array of sectors thru the following positions and organizations is greatly impactful. All along her 4 years acting as the CaGBC Chair, lisa oversaw LEED market takeup EB. OM on the Central biz District of Toronto with TD Centre, RBC, canadian Place, sunlife Centre as well as Centre -the 1-st LEED Gold project in Canada greater compared with one million In 2012, lisa relocated from Toronto to Shanghai to guide strategic growth for B+H through Asia.

CEO Bill Nankivell was the keynote speaker at the Alberta Association of Architects' Professional Development month conference on October 17 in Calgary. Bill's presentation addressed managing growth and succession planning for design for a while' talk, he outlined the strategic approach B+H has taken in managing substantially growth, no doubt both in Canada and internationally, the importance the firm has placed on succession planning, and the challenges faced as we've grown from a partnership of 2 to a global team with more than 35 principals and around 450 total staff. Whenever understanding the pros and cons of wellmanaged growth as well as the prospects and challenges of opening modern offices overseas, participants were able to make back to their own companies key lessons from the discussion, as well as starting importance succession planning later and institutionalizing that kind of plans in their firm and culture. Open to both architects and interior designers, the AAA event included the keynote presentation and also special sessions intended to assist the obligation for members to remain current in entrepreneurship areas practices methods and materials of their profession.

On October 2, 2013 and B+H's newest US bureau in Seattle, washington held its opening reception, and had hosting pleasure a full premises of guests, who came to hear about the remarkable offerings from this position and B+H's global network. Seattle's approach is expereince. The Seattle bureau is the Center home for Advance Strategysm, the firm's unusual global consulting practice.

Doug Demers, an architect with extensive experience in corporate architecture and interior design, lately joined B+H as Managing modern Principal Seattle bureau. For a whiletime colleague Bryan Croeni as test Director, barry Vaudrin as Senior Account Manager, joslyn Balzarini as Senior Interior Designer and Loree Goffigon as Consulting Lead. Leading Italian luxury lifestyle brand PAUL SHARK has opened its modern Asian flagship store in Hong Kong. Located on Canton Tsim Sha Tsui, road and likewise the newest store is destined to bring renewed glamour to the prestigious shopping district. Principal in Susanna Swee, charge as well as Design Principal, jean Sebastien Bourdages. B+H visited the PAUL SHARK stores and workshops in Milan and Italy, varese and working strongly with PAUL SHARK CEO, mr, to better understand the brand personality. Andrea Dini, to make in the fine craftsmanship and innovative brand spirit.

While combining classic Italian elegance with modern elements such as wood, customized and steel furniture, spread across 3,500 square feet, the PAUL SHARK Asian flagship store took inspirations from the Milan headquarters. Space orchestration, steel, glass and lighting helps portray the very true PAUL essence SHARK lifestyle for an extreme shopping experience. Shimmery as glittering ripples, the facade decorated in indigo aluminum sheet patchwork evokes sailing sensation over foamy waves. Its undulating surface reflects light iridescent interplay and shadow which characterizes the exuberant cityscape of Canton Road. With a LED screen showcasing the brand last collection, the fundamental entrance and windows are decorated by vertical blinds of wood and steel.

On this back success, B+H have been appointed to design another PAUL SHARK stores in mainland China and Macau. B+H could not be more pleased to be celebrating World Green Building month, as a global design firm with a strong commitment to leadership in sustainable design. While accelerating or even stabilizing employee productivity patient recovery rates, in the process of this annual month organized by the World Green Building Council, organizations in 98 countries raise awareness of ways in which green buildings are excellent for the planet and good for guys -boosting pupil test scores.

There are just a ways few in which B+H is helping to build a sustainable future. Work with international and worldwide organizations. We are narrowly involved with the Canada Green Building Council. Principal Lisa Bate is a past Council Chair, principal Kevin Stelzer serves on the Council pure energy Engineering Technical Advisory Group and Project Manager Holly Jordan serves on Directors Board of the Greater Toronto Chapter. As international United members Nations atmosphere Protection -Sustainable Buildings and Climate Initiative, additionally we are able to work with the construction market sector globally to promote the vision and lessons learned in Canada.

Facts sources via World Green Building Council. Bill Nankivell B+H CEO, karen Cvornyek B+H governor and Regional Managing Principal Asia, lisa Bate B+H Managing Principal Shanghai andExecutive Vice governor Asia, martin Hawthornthwaite B+HDirector of Interior Design Asiaand Mr. James Ian Burchett, canada's Consul common. While adding to our own crossAsia capabilities with a sixth base of operations in the place, hong Kong headoffice. Led under the patronage of Catherine Managing Director, hong Kong, jean or Siu Sebastien Bourdages, design Principal or the headquarters will help us provide better service to existing and future clients in the neighboring region. The opening reception on September ten was attended with the help of Ian Burchett, consul standard of Canada and also senior B+H leaders. Whenever Planning and Marshall; Heidi Vicesenator, painchaud, principal and Interior Design; David Asia, stavros and even Executive Vice senator; Susanna Swee, asia and as well Executive Vice seanntor; and Martin Asia, hawthornthwaite or Interior Design Director, bill Nankivell, CEO, karen Asia, senator and Cvornyek; Robert Landscape, global Director. China, a fitting reflection of our own potential to adapt our own collective experience to exclusive markets to create innovative designs. China, opening a headquarters in Shanghai in This evening in Asia, B+H has evolved in a 'fullservice' architecture practice with more than 200 TV commercial, employees as well as designing for retail, 'mixed use', hospitality, healthcare, residential as well as transportation projects. Whenever, hong Kong, B+H has offices in Shanghai, singapore.

CEO Bill Nankivell with Canada's Consul key Mr. James Ian Burchett. Managing Director of Hong Kong Catherine Siu speaking at the Hong Kong opening reception, bill as well as with Karen Cvornyek Nankivell, mr. James Ian Burchett, canada's Consul 'GeneralandJean Sebastien' Bourdages.

Vice senator of Interior Design Heidi Painchaud speaks with Head of Tenant Representation Markets at Jones Lang Lasalle Hong Kong. The Fairmont Waterfront luxury hotel showcases some awesome stuff from Vancouver. This renovation encompassed all redesign corridors, the Fitness facility, the Gold Lounge, the existing and guestrooms restaurant. While offering a fresh respite in a busy downtown area, the Fairmont rooms are divided in 2 tone palettes soft gray/blue and creamy caramel intended to be light and airy. Waved carpet mixed with an organically patterned headboard wall speak specifically to Vancouver while streamlined selection cream headboards, minimalist and crisp furnishings detailing reflects a more modern transnational appeal.

The luxurious Gold rooms are achieved thru an obscure gray/mauve palette. While the feature headboard wall vinyl is graphic in its silver and obscure tones, the nightstands stone and media console is bold and moody, the carpet is plush and classically patterned. Complimenting that kind of elements are elegant furnishings such as a tufted headboard, localized and sculpted side chair artwork. The bathrooms are surrounded in a deep chocolate and gray marble tile contrasted with the big chrome shower surrounds and the seamless TV located in the lit floating vanity mirror.

Whenever differentiating the hotel from the 2 adjacent Fairmont properties, the design conception was to ensure a front and centre contemporary elegance while capturing a distinct West Coast aesthetic. Harbinger, a communications consultancy in downtown Toronto, had a rapidly growing biz that meant they had started to outgrow their charming but immensely compartmentalized multi level head-quarters space. They were looking to relocate to a single floor space that will be conducive to increased collaboration betwixt employees.

The objective was to break down barriers that restricted concepts flow, yet maintain a peculiar level of privacy and relative quiet within the space. An elementary studio space was created in the head-quarters centre, with the intention to achieve this. Ninety five' staff percent is seated in this open back office environment while the rest work in glassfronted spaces that are heavily connected to the studio. Sound absorbing carpeting, furniture panels or upholstered pieces fill the space and serve to dampen the noise.

One of this project's fundamental challenges was a great deal of move staff members out of special offices and enclosed areas in one central hub of activity. Individual telephone booths were constructed, in order to compensate for the reduction in privacy. These smallscale individual spaces is closed off for special call and 'big concentration' work.a vast 'multi purpose' space was created serving as town hall, a lunchroom, screening, yoga studio and casual meeting space room, in order to further the interaction betwixt the staff. The graphics and signage developed were bold and impactful yet playful keeping with the client's ideology.

Weathered wood flooring was associated with rich leather upholstery and soft felt carpeting along with a bright palette of textiles, wall covering as well as playful graphics. Whenever evoking a residential feeling loft, the ends compliment the clean industrial look of exposed ceilings and ductwork. The completed product is a bright, fresh, communityoriented environment, creative reflective minds that embody the position ‘Harbinger'.

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Architects these days completed the exterior and interior design of Sephora's flagship store and bureau headquarters in Shanghai. The project involved extensive renovation and 64 redesign,500 square foot space that previously housed multiple retailers across its 5 floors. Drawing inspiration from Marilyn flow Monroe's iconic dress, the store's bold black and whitish striped exterior with reddish accents reflects a modern twist on vintage glamour. The glass walls and entrance showcase the striking interior and entice passersby to come in and relish the reddish carpet experience.

Polished acrylic surfaces and organic shapes are featured through the space. VIP space for personalized care is carefully integrated in the retail environment to offer a shopping experience like no other. Architects were responsible for the interior and exterior transformation of Bow Valley Square in downtown Calgary. The 4 tower complex is a pedestrian hub that includes infomercial head-quarters space with aretail concourse andfood court. Built in phases betwixt 1972 and 1981, the one of a kind landmarkwas in need of revitalization.

While adding a floor to ceiling glass lobby and skylights, this was achieved by opening up the tower lobbies to allow more light to enter. Revolving doors were incorporated, in addition to granite walls and flooring, with an intention to further modernize the interior.

Bow Valley Square has attained LEED Canada CI Gold Certification. Bow Valley Square Renovation.

Douglas Birkenshawpresents at a TEDx talk at Western University Ontario on the 2nd life of urban infrastructure. Douglas Birkenshaw was invited to Western University Ontario on April 5th, 2013 to present a TEDx talk on the 2nd life of urban infrastructure. TED is a nonprofit organization that began with getting fascinating speakers from Entertainment, the Technology and as well Design fields. TEDx talks are independently organized events structured to mirror the TED experience, where thought leaders present the representations and spark discussions.

In the process of his talk, douglas advocated for a higher level of integration between urban centers and sustainability in reality light that, 70 per cent of people on Earth will be living in urban areas by 2050”. Utilized the resources more successfuly, the presentation included examples of buildings that were renewed and revitalized with the help of making improvements that likewise increased rental field while not adding infrastructure. He highlighted working newest paradigm towards thinking of a city as a living organism in which everything is interconnected to refine capacity and pure energy efficiency.

From left to right. Bill Nankivell, jennifer Thompson, kristin Chris Rock, bankes as well as Vinnie Krieger. Charity Golf Tournament was held on June 5. The B+H team was joined with the help of nearly 150 contractors, consultants, clients and as well suppliers, all participating to raise bucks for the foundation while relishing a round of golf amongst acquaintances and colleagues.

Teresa Vasilopoulos, toronto seanntor East standard Hospital We, foundation or said were thrilled to be this recipients year's B+H Architects Charity Golf Tournament. Proceeds will be directed towards Toronto East common Hospital's Robotic Surgery and Training project, which is setting a modern standard of care for men with prostate cancer in Toronto. We are exceedingly grateful for B+H's friendship and the generous support. Rajiv Singal from TEGH joined when to give a presentation to participants about the Da Vinci Surgical setup and how it's transforming prostate experience cancer surgery for men in the commune and globally. Singal currently leads the Surgical Robotics blueprint jointly run by TEGH and Sunnybrook overall health Sciences Centre.

Over the last 36 years, B+H has helped to raise credits through this annual event for a wide kinds of regional and transnational charities. The firm thanks all of anyone who were able to attend the golf tournament and, in particular and even sponsors for the big generosity and support for an excellent cause. This year's sponsors included The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Ltd. Study Jones Christoffersen, mulvey Banani, flynn, MMM Group, TMP Consulting Engineers, PCL, ellisDon and even DPI Construction Management, govan Bondfield Construction, teknion, canam Hambro, aon, brown, astley Gilbert, stone Tile as well as CLi, centura, harbridge + Quinn, LRI Consulting Engineers and Cross Design Associates Inc. Sun Life fiscal, upper Canada Specialty Hardware.

From left to right. Dan McAlister, john and Andy Bergmann MacKinnon. From left to right. David John, jamie Hidi, handley as well as Tonu Altosaar Quinn.

Windsor University celebrated the grand Ed opening Lumley Centre for Engineering Innovation right after May. This newest complex provides the University with a flagship facility, designed to motivate collaboration and promote creativity. The building includes a 350seat auditorium, flexible hightech classrooms, schoolboy, specialized research labs as well as faculty offices study and activity spaces. Registered and targeting LEED Gold certification, it incorporates 'leadingedge' sustainable technologies, such as its innovative ‘Live Building' monitoring systems that actively engage students in understanding and reducing pure energy consumption. The CEI likewise fosters commune interaction thru its technology incubator facility. Industrial a flexible, very or even Courtyard serviced space to facilitate interacademic and inter industrial partnerships.

The CEI is now officially open as a convergence place for students, market sector, faculty and to create, study as well as interact newest notions that will innovate and inspire sustainable future design. It's anticipated to have a transformative impact on likewise Windsor University but likewise the surrounding city and area. The positive press for B+H CHIL Design continues. Adèle Rankin, senior Associate and has an article featured in the Spring 2013 Design edition Quarterly, in which she discusses hospitality evolution furniture design. She details the 3 fundamental criteria for selecting furniture -placement, style and durability -and enlightens the current expectations for numerous areas of a hotel.

Adèle says, we're less concerned about creating pretty vignettes than we are about creating comfort, flexibility and delight also for the guest but for the hotel staff also. She goes on to state how essential hospitality style furniture is as a reinforcement of the hotel's personality. The Design Quarterly article is illustrated with a picture of the owner's suite at the ShangriLa Toronto. Whenever designing this and the presidential suite, making the Condé Nast Traveler 2013 quite warm List of top modern hotels worldwide.

The Canada Green Building Council -Greater Toronto Chapter has announced that B+H Architects Project Manager Holly Jordan was elected to its Board of Directors. The Chapter provides studies, events and even regional tools and resources for the advertisement and residential building communities, aimed towards creating end goal a clean, wholesome, lofty performance built environment. Lofty vision performance buildings and their place in a sustainable future is one mostly shared under the patronage of B+H as a firm. Holly says, as a practitioner, I have got a vested interest in a quality development organization that continues to be a strong town advocate, resource or even formation provider on the topic of sustainable design. CaGBCGTC', further building on my contributions to sustainable design. Whenever giving one and the other access to facts and discussions that will help inform the ongoing advancement of sustainable building best practices, continuous active engagement and open lines of communication between the CaGBC and design professionals is vital to one and the other work the Council and of design entrepreneurs. CaGBCGTC encourages this relationship, as the nearest representation in Toronto. Holly's latest appointment, B+H Principal Lisa Bate has served as CaGBC Chair since B+H is as well involved with inter-national sustainable design organizations, for instance we are international members of the United Nations environment Protection -Sustainable Buildings and Climate Initiative, through which we are able to work with the construction market sector across the globe to promote the vision and lessons learned in Canada.

The Shangri La Toronto was recognized with the help of Condé Nast Traveler as one of their top picks in best newest hotels. The leading travel magazine's 2013 rather hot List features the Shangri La Toronto as one of usually 4 modern Canadian hotels to make the list. Hotels are selected for the list based on the comfort, area, style, service or value. CHIL Design was responsible for the hotel's function gym, spaces, miraj Hammam spa, 200 or even theatre guestrooms along with the owner's suite and the presidential suite. While delivering an elevated level of modern month luxury, the 'Shangri La' incorporates aesthetic cues from traditionary Chinese and Middle Eastern cultures.

While following the much acclaimed 'ShangriLa' Vancouver, for which CHIL designed the lobby, retail space, function spaces as well as the Chi Spa, this is the 2-nd ShangriLa hotel in North America. The newest ShangriLa is again amassing quite positive press -in addition to the Condé Nast Traveler listing it has likewise been featured in Canadian Interiors, while it has mostly been open for awhileer than|for almost|for nearly 6 months. North American reach with a newest addition US backoffice in Seattle, washington. On top of enabling us to provide maintenance to newest clients, this stage in your evolution will assist us to provide better service to loads of the firms we are always working with globally.

Doug Demers has joined B+H as Managing newest Principal Seattle headquarters. His leadership will be instrumental in this modern stage of growth. Doug is an architect with extensive experience in corporate architecture and interior design. We welcome Doug and look forward to the good amount of options this move will bring as we continue to deliver outsourcing to our own worldclass clients.

Evolve Sustainable Design competition. The competition gave architecture and engineering students across Canada the occasion to work together in multi disciplinary teams to design a net zero renewable energy and 'water wise' bank branch for our own competition sponsors, canada Royal Bank. Congratulations to the winning teams. The winning entries could be viewed on the Evolve Competition site. The winning team will get a cash prize of 5,000 and the honourable mention team will get 2,your jury of market experts was extremely impressed with the quality, thoroughness and submissions creativity.

b+H is interested in encouraging newest thought and newest work in this region, as strong proponents of sustainable design. On top of having their work recognized under the patronage of top market professionals, evolve was a potential for students to develop innovative and practical solutions. The emphasis on crossdisciplinary teams highlights the reason that innovative sustainable design requires precise and deep integration of all disciplines and sectors related to design and engineering, construction or particularly architecture. This year marks Canada 40th Anniversary Vietnam relations. February 2013.

Tremendous deficits in infrastructure have happen to be a key constraint for future development, as Vietnam continues to grow. In an effort to refine overseas investment and project delivery models within Vietnam, the Vietnamese governmental country management established a P3 Steering Committee aimed at studying the commune individual Partnership delivery model. In late 2012, B+H Architects teamed up with Commerce Canadian Chamber in Vietnam, mcCarthy Tétrault as well as USAID to organize and host meetings in Toronto and Montreal for Vietnamese administration officials and P3 members Steering Committee.

At the time of the visit, B+H led the delegates on an individual newly tour completed St. Catharines Hospital near Niagara drops, ontario or where project architect Elmutaz Elrabaa expounded B+H's role in designing the 960,000 ft² Build, maintain, finance, facility or the 1st Design hospital to be delivered thru Infrastructure Ontario. Following the tour, CEO Bill Nankivell presented case studies on a selection of the B+H's disjunctive procurement model.

The B+H team in Ho Chi Minh town was the other day featured in a profile article for China Modern Weekly, a glossy, big circulation news and urban lifestyle magazine distributed across Asia. Whenever, the article highlighted one and the other the novel of B+H in Asia and the Vietnam current work head-quarters.

Its interior design capabilities, the '60 person' Vietnam head-quarters includes urban, architects as well as landscape architects planners. China Modern Weekly expressed the reality that all combination this kind of design disciplines under one roof makes for an integrated design approach to the projects shaping environments and defining skylines. While establishing branch offices in Ho Chi Minh Singapore, delhi, hong Kong or city, china the expansion in utheast Asia 4 years ago. The Ho Chi Minh city team is managed with the help of locallybased Directors Andrei Zerebecky and Kwan San Chan, under senator leadership and Regional Managing Principal for Asia, karen Cvornyek. The team is continuing to develop their expertise and range of capabilities through newest project work in Asiaon top of working as an integral part of an integrated global team contributing to B+H's work in various different cities globally,.

And China as a the, for the prospects they had given the firm to develop its capabilities in Asia over the past 20 years, B+H Architects has designed and gifted a pavilion in Daning Lingshi park to the town of Shanghai, with intention to thank hanghai anyone. Shanghai to experience and feel lucky about. The park is a well-known spot for newlyweds to get photos as they begin their for a while this theme of newest beginnings and partnerships, there could not be a more fitting place in which to build our own gift thanking Shanghai for the modern life we've enjoyed through work in the city and in China.

Whenever opening ceremonies for the pavilion were held on Wednesday, with a speech by David Stavros. Daning Lingshi park is centrally located and is the largest green park in Shanghai. In designing the pavilion, B+H drew inspiration from quite a few unusual and human built structures based on icons of Chinese culture, from silk cocoons to Chinese lanterns to structures such as tree houses and stages. Are vertical uprights, the pavilion and as an example lantern shaped to convey the approach of feast.

Whenever commenting that B+H Architects damaged modern ground in coming to China 20 years ago, consul key Savone spoke of trade growing importance between Canada and China and the increasing numbers of Canadian entrepreneurs doing buziness in Shanghai. Whenever becoming amidst the 1-st outlandish architecture entrepreneurs to establish a presence in China, architects opened head-quarters in Shanghai in 1992. While, over the last 20 years, B+H has proven to be widely reputed as a pioneering firm in China.

Our own Shanghai headoffice has evolved and grown in a full service, integrated practice with more than 140 employees. It now anchors B+H's branch head-quarters in Beijing and its expansion in next Asian Ho, markets and including Hong Kong Chi Minh Singapore, delhi or even city. Over the past 20 years in China, B+H has had more than 21 million square metres of your design work constructed. We look forward to continued growth and modern projects in the location as we further develop the neighboring expertise and partnerships in Asia. Henkel corporate Canada are designed to premises their 3 Canadian divisions under one single brand, in one area.a key objective was to apply global brand standards to the Toronto headquarters, as a result. The modern standards apply to ends physic types, space as well as furniture.

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While enabling and likewise creating greater efficiency knowledge sharing between employees, s vision for its modern offices is one in which the space and amenity component needs divisions are met while shared resources are centralized. While a central core and circulation spine were used to connect areas used under the patronage of all employees, accordingly, separate spaces were created for enkel Canada's 3 divisions to address their particular needs. These elementary areas comprise staff facilities, a great, informal meeting or conferencing lunchroom. The design maximizes access to light and views when locating the peronal offices on the interior and the workstations that are used under the patronage of hundreds of staff in the open field with direct access to unusual light.

With standardized workstations stations and furniture used through, in straight with the newest brand standards, ends were chosen to be fresh and bright. Employees assumed using Henkel's global vision and values statements on a wall in the breakout region. The design incorporated nuances of civil flavour, with an intention to reflect enkel Canada's nearest identity. Niagara goes down, while the break out place uses a striking maple leaf image.

On Sept. China Green Building Council and the Tianjing Construction and Transportation Bureau hosted an event that included a Memorandum signing of Understanding between the CGBC and the Canada Green Building Council. Lisa Bate, B+H Principal, chair, executive Vice chairperson or even Asia of Directors Canada Board Green Building Council, made opening remarks at the event and participated in the MOU signing. The event functionedas a standard symposium on green buildings.

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With one and the other countries facing chill and often extreme weather conditions in the winter months, china climates and Canada share a great deal of similarities. CGBC is an organization affiliated with China's Ministry of Housing and 'UrbanRural' Development. Its purpose is to maintain China's Green Building Standard and rating setup. This past May, china's Ministry of Finance and MOHURD jointly announced a modern policy for green building development in China. Under this policy, the public administration will provide pecuniary incentive to buildings that qualify as green as pointed out by the China Green Building Standard. The policy is spurring modern interest in green building development in China.

October fifteen, 2012 or marks a crucial milestone in our own firm's progress in British Columbia. On this date we are completing the transition that startedin 2010 when we acquired Bunting Coady Architects and merged the firm with the existing Vancouver expereince. In accordance with regulatory directives, your team previously famous as B+H BuntingCoady Architects now is rebranded B+H Architects. Your hospitality interior design team will retain the current position, B+H CHIL Design. Your Vancouver test is thriving as one of Western Canada's leading architecture and interior design businesses, renowned for designing buildings that are clean energy, healthful or integrated efficient. The test has earned a strong position in the Vancouver market, and has received plenty of awards for design quality and building performance. While being awarded to Broadway Tech, a Canadian Architect Award of Excellence win for Heritage Mountain Middle university, the 'Shangri La' Vancouver being rated the one luxury hotel in Canada by TripAdvisor besides having been awarded an exclusive and highlycoveted 5 Diamond AAA rating, last examples comprise a great deal of awards, amongst them 3 top rankings from Industrial public Association and head office Properties.

Bruce Knapp will be leading the team in his role as Managing Principal, with the intention to steer the ancouver practice towards future success. Vancouver practice is so popular for and ensuring that it continues to integrate with the global operations. At the same time we will continue to thrill clients and guests alike with rather exciting and memorable hospitality environments. We thank the clients, market, employees and likewise partners for their contribution to our own success and respectively far, and look forward to a few more years of worldclass projects lead by your team in Vancouver and your teams across the world.

Bow Valley Square has won the award for best Renovated Building in BOMA's Outstanding Year Building Awards for 2012. Located in Calgary's downtown core, bow Valley Squareis a busy hub forpedestrians consisting of a mixed use, fourtower complex that includes corporate advertisement head-quarters space with aretail concourse anda massive food court. Built in phases betwixt 1972 and 1981, this uncommon landmarkwas in need of a revitalization.

Architects were responsible for a variety of exterior entrance additionstotalling 75,000 square feet of space, and the complex's interior transformation. The plan for thetransformation was inspired under the patronage of the Bow river, as a route thru the town that connects special communities. More light could enter, this was achieved by opening up the tower lobbies. Additionally,modern skylights were added to allow lighting deep in ceilings and lighting, the space and fixtures over the complex were changed.

Interior renovations included an extensive furniture renewal plan. Outdated carpeting and flooring were removed and replaced with granite floors. Granite and travertine walls and modern revolving doors were added to further modernize the lobbies. While featuring walkways, incorporated or even planters, as exterior element revitalization of the complex, 000 square foot sloped green roof space was benches.

B+H has lately brought on board Bruce Knapp, who will be leading the Vancouver team in his role as Managing Principal, in order to steer our own ancouver expereince towards continued future success. While serving as Founding Principal, managing and Partner Partner for several noted Vancouver companies, bruce has worked in architecture for awhileer than|for almost|for nearly|for|for 25 years. His engaging personality and positive manner, dynamic as well as coupled with his inspirational leadership and mentorship style are greatly appreciated with the help of the teams he leads.

Bruce brings with him extensive expertise in urban areas design, architecture, interiors and master planning. Project types comprise design build, publicprivate partnerships and feasibility studies in restaurant, advertisement, retail, justice, hospitality, civic, the healthcare or recreation, postsecondary studies, residential sectors. In the healthcare for awhile list of projects over a broad range of facility types and specialty design areas for hospitals.

We look forward to the leadership and knowledgeable perspective Bruce will contribute, all in British Columbia and towards our own global work. The Shangri La Hotel Vancouver has got the coveted 5 Diamond Award designation for 2012 from the AAA. This is the association's greatest rating for hotels and restaurants. Hotels must deliver exceptional guest luxurious accommodation, superior or service facilities, with an intention to earn this top ranking.

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CHILDesign designed the Shangri La Vancouver's spa, function spaces, retail areas or lobby. While giving all who walk thru the doors the feeling that this is a place of peace, enchantment and 'well being', The décor draws its inspiration from Shangri legend La. The lobby is an opulent expression of a modern getaway with a lounge and bar offering a reprieve from the busy shopping district outside. The Chi Spa likewise is designed to offer guests a space to indulge, relax or even restore. One of Vancouver's flagship luxury hotels and the 1st 'ShangriLa' to be built in North America, the hotel has 119 rooms located in the 1st fifteen tallest floors building in Vancouver. It has won several different awards, and also ranking as the one hotel in Vancouver and three in Canada in the Travel+Leisure 2012 World's best Awards, one luxury hotel in Canada in the TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice 2012 awards, the enRoute Hotel Design Award for best Spa or Pool.

B+H wants to support newest thought and modern work in this place, as strong proponents of sustainable design. Thru this design challenge, we are inviting students to be an integral part of designing the future. The Evolve Sustainable Design Competition is open to architecture and engineering students across Canada, who will work together in 'multi disciplinary' teams to design a netzero clean energy and water wise bank branch for our own competition sponsors, canada Royal Bank.

Teams must register byNovember 5, 2012and submit their entries by December a professional jury, and also and likewise 31 representatives for awhile with market experts, will review or even evaluate submissions based on how they address the design specific difficulties challenge. The winning team will get a cash prize of 5,000 and the honourable mention team will receive 2,500. This competition is a potential for students to develop innovative and practical solutions. Sustainable design is an integral an important part of the B+H process, and we are looking forward to seeing the designs that students create for this competition. The emphasis on crossdisciplinary teams highlights the reality that innovative sustainable design requires precise and deep integration of all disciplines and sectors related to design and notably architecture, construction or even engineering.

While providing a platform for the fellowship, the designs that outcome from this course of development will illustrate ways in which it is manageable to minimize the renewable energy and water use in a typical bank branch, employees as well as clients to experience how sustainable building practices could be made an important component of everyday life. Mercy Lady wing of St. Joseph's soundness Centre in Toronto was completed in June of The newest fourstorey wing replaces a largely vacant wing on the hospital north end, and was created to accommodate the expanded mamma and childtot plan, which consists of Birthing, postPartum, level II Neo natal Intensive Care, week and Pediatric Inpatient Clinics, childtot/Adolescent Mental soundness of body Inpatient and Outpatient facilities. The wing includes 2 32bed Surgical Inpatient units, as a result. Its features comprise secure outdoor terraces for Pediatric and SubAcute patient and staff use. Joseph's everyday's wellbeing Centre for over year, supporting the facility expand their possibility to meet the growing and changing communities needs it serves. Joseph's overall wellbeing Centre, which had buildings dating from the 1920s and additions from the mid 1980s. Renovations since then have included a newest Emergency Department, intensive Care unit, pre and 'Post Anesthetic' Care Chemotherapy Suite, partnership soundness of body clinics, rehab Department, week Surgery, a, unit as well as redeveloped basic Entry '34 bed' Mental soundness Inpatient unit.

The your addition Lady of Mercy wing is the final stage in this project. The design differs from that of most of the hospital, as a newest wing. Striving to discover an unified and expanded environment, teine pure energy relocated to a 19,000 backoffice in one of Calgary's premier main office towers. Taking uninterrupted gain 23rd floor view was a motivating aspect in the space selection and also a primary design consideration.

The client's proud Albertan roots called for a workplace that reflected an environment that spoke to the core buziness. Silhouettes and shadows of oil derricks, pump or even drill stems jacks translate in strong angles in the Teine pure energy space, reflections of familiar Albertan landscape components are utilized through the bureau. Steadfast and solid materials were selected to provide a link to Alberta's clean energy heritage. Whenever offering a gentler contrast of materials, diffused lighting and softened backlit glazing treatments were layered with intention to ease the impact. Whenever providing a notion of luxury and richness, furnishings and accessories reflect a balance of classic and contemporary design with touches of gold metallic accents.

Focal classic furniture pieces stand out against a contemporary backdrop -the dynamic and intriguing graphics provide a visual statement about what Teine renewable energy is all about. The Colombia Green Building Council these days hosted its annual convention under The banner Sustainable town. Ecosystem under Construction, colombia towards Rio+20”. Lisa Bate, B+H Principal and Executive 'Vice senator', Asia, was invited to speak on the Risk and Return on Investment in Sustainable Buildings. An occasion to share R lessons learned, latter or D case studies, the session addressed the question from all perspective landlords and tenants. We were delighted to hear from Cristina Executive, the CEO and Gamboa Colombia Director Green Building Council, that Lisa's presentation was enormously regarded by the audience and graded as very good amidst the month. We are grateful to the Colombia GBC for the invitation to address its members.

Canada Directors Guild and its Ontario chapter are the voice of Canadian film directors and film sector employees, with a 50 year history science. In 2011, the 2 organizations intended to join forces in one area to create synergy between all streamlining, groups and integrating themselves highly the outsourcing. The modern space was to help both employees and Guild members alike. Requirements for the newest space were. Guilds' members and create a space that employees are proud to call their own.

Beyond providing a venue for the Guilds' administration, the modern headquarters must as well provide a meeting and gathering place for members and be flexible to accommodate a variety of events and functions. Accordingly, boardroom or lunchroom transform in an elegant evening space with adjoining dining and bar facilities. The layout in addition provides for a range of versatile spaces for quiet reflection and collaboration,as well asencourage conversation and collaboration interaction. Subtle 'residentialstyled' elements and wood extensive use create residential warmth and intimacy. This 11,000 space was stopped on budget and almost ready within 8 weeks from construction start.

Worldwide continues to expand its global presence, this time with a 2nd area in China. Whenever Beijing is nowplaying host to ournewest headquarters, asa civilized, educational and historical hub. Launched to service clients in the North with improved efficiency,the newest team is attending to buziness in 2nd like Tianjin, ordos, harbin and Dalian tier municipalities that are seeing tremendous growth. Led with the help of Waterson Lam, the core team members involve Claudia Yiran, qu, haotian La as well as Steven Sun Hu who hail from Canada and all around China -as far northwest as Baotou and as far northeast as Shenyang. We got full confidence that this head-quarters will see good growth in the near future. Please join us in welcoming the newest addition to the B+H housekeeping!

For more facts about the backoffice in Beijing, please contact Waterson Lam. We are delighted to announce that on Tuesday, june 12 and even B+H will launch what will be a quite exciting year celebrating our own 20th anniversary in China. Festivities will commence in Beijing with a luncheon where David Mulroney, canada's Ambassador to the People's Republic of China, will talk about B+H's work and presence in China. On June 13, celebrations will continue in Shanghai with a cocktail reception at the Canadian Consulate fundamental, hosted with the help of Acting Consul main Eric Pelletier. Stay tuned, we will be featuring ongoing content from your celebrations.

The event in Beijing marks your launch modern head-quarters there, under the direction of Waterson Lam. The festivities in Shanghai are as well immediately bound to our own work, and which is last project in that town. To study more about tale in China.

We had lately expanded the master planning expereince, for awhile|lasting|long-lasting|long lasting|permanent|continuous|ongoing vision to deliver a full suite of architecture and design maintenance to clients across the globe. The worldclass team, led by Robert Chris Bohme, eddie Wu, tom Hook, includes Alfredo Landaeta, amy and Marshall Roots. They are all experts in the visioning and planning of sustainable communities and environments and they've worked on considerable projects in communities from China, india, croatia, colombia or even Saudi Kingdom Arabia, to position several. They will build on the solid foundation we have established in your Asia practice for providing landscape, urban design and planning architecture solutions and work to extend the to all our own global locations.

The team has a proven past of excellence in master planning and landscape architecture projects of all types, scopes and even scales. Team members been responsible for newest design urban, cities and fundamental campus developments regeneration sustainable, work or landscape design projects that have changed the way we think about open spaces and their role in the collaboration. We are delighted to welcome them on board! Click on the individual photos below to view team members' bios.

Worldwide is in an exciting midst period of global expansion. We've opened a newest head-quarters in Doha, qatar, as an important part of efforts to consolidate our own presence in the Middle East. Qatar Kingdom these days won the bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Khayatt Construction and Trading Co.

19 individual team in Doha includes 18 architecture staff and one administrator. Many been relocated from B+H offices across the globe, while a lot of architects and technicians are hired locally. World Architecture's Top 100 largest survey architecture practices in the world. Architects employed and climbs up to 61 based on creative staff numbers. The achievements in the sports stadiums sector are likewise recognizedwith B+H as the 10th greatest earning practice in the sector,. We are honoured under the patronage of the recognition and hope to surpass them next year!